It’s feeling connected to others, feeling accepted for who you are and feeling supported. Calling someone an “addict” and “junkie” without understanding their condition, their life, and their own experiences of their illness… it’s repulsive. We need to move away from this stigma and start by treating people with respect, listening to them, and supporting them.

• The aftermath of cutoffs can include depression, devastation, dismay, shock, isolation, as well as work problems and physical/psychosomatic issues. • Cutoffs are extremely damaging even though people often tell themselves the other person is expendable.

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No matter how much we might long for a stress-free existence, the fact is, stress is actually necessary. It’s how we respond to stress that can negatively affect our lives. Endorphin release varies from person to person; some people will feel an endorphin rush, or second wind, after jogging for 10 minutes. Others will jog for half an hour before their second wind kicks in.

Or you’re the friend who others know they can call when they need to talk about their struggles. These roles can give you a sense of purpose through bettering other people’s lives.

  • Approximately 1 in 5 adults, 43.8 million Americans, experience some form of mental illness in a given year.1 The topic of mental illness has been difficult to openly discuss over the years and many people view mental health with a negative stigma.
  • Unfortunately, countless people suffer from mental health problems what causes extreme fatigue that are just as debilitating as some of the worst physical ailments.
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  • With these issues becoming increasingly prevalent, it’s imperative that we move mental health to the forefront of conversation topics and have transparent discussions about how we are truly feeling.

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Physical exercise helps to counteract the withdrawal, inactivity and feelings of hopelessness that characterize depression. Studies show that both aerobic and anaerobic exercise have anti-depressive effects. So, if you already do exercise of some kind, give yourself two pats on the back – you’re improving your physical and mental fitness. Perhaps you’re the friend who enjoys cooking and can be counted on to bring a hot meal over when someone is going through something.

Having purpose, and helping others, helps give meaning to life. Community can be defined in many ways, but when simplified down to its most important element, community is all about connection. Community is not just an entity or a group of people, it’s a feeling.

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